Thursday, January 29, 2009

Installing MS chart adding into vs 2008 toolbox and using MS chart with sample code

Looking on the traffic on my previous post on MS chart, I thought to give more information and give some good quality images step by step which will help everybody to install and use this controls very well.

1. Easy to use.
2. No third party components.
3. Attractive and pleasing.
4. Quality of charts are superb.
5. Offcourse it is free. :-) and no lic prob for this chart controls.

Here we go:
the flow of the post will be like this,
a. Requirement list
b. Steps to follow.
c. Downloading required softwares.
d. Installing.
e. Configuration of charts to VS 2008.
f. Small application to run and Show a elegant Chart.

Requirement List:

1. .NET 3.5 SP1
2. VS 2008 SP1.
2. MSChart.exe software.
3. MSChart documentation and samples for future developments.

Related Links:

Download and install in this order.
1. .NET 3.5 framework download
2. .NET 3.5 Framework SP1 download
3. VS 2008 SP1 download
4. MSChart.exe download.
5. MS chart documentation download.
6. View and download samples.

Configuration of charts to VS 2008 :
Follow the screen shots.
1. Open the toolbox and right click and select "Add Tab"

2. Name the Tab "MS Chart".
3. Right click the toolbox and select "choose items"

4. Click on browse and navigate to the folder where you have installed MS chart.
Usually it will be stored in c:\program files\Microsoft Chart Controls

5. Select the dll "System.Web.DataVisualiztion.dll".

You will find it the control in Tool box.

Next post will have basic Chart creation in web ASP.NET.

Happy charting.